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Download User Manuals for Your Home Security System

At Kamloops Alarm and Electric Ltd we service a large variety of alarm systems. Find your system below and download user manuals to get information about user codes, changing time and date, and other operations.

Changing the user code, time and date, and trouble codes requires the master code, or the code that was provided to the system owner at the time of installation. If you don’t have this code, call our office at 250-374-2577 for a service call.

DSC 1832 – included systems: PC1616, PC1832, PC1864

DSC 9047 – included systems: DSC 9047, Alexor Wireless System

DSC 1555 – Included systems PC1555, PC1555MX

DSC 5010 – included systems PC5010

DSC 4020 (Maxsys) – included systems PC4020 (Maxsys)

DSC 1500/1555 – included systems PC1500, PC1550

DSC PC2550

DSC PC3000

4/8/16CH Triplex DVR

4/8/16CH H.264 DVR


Easy-Flo Central Vacuums

GE Allegro – included systems: GE 60-874-95R (Allegro)

DSC Envoy – included systems: DSC NT9010 (Envoy)

Ademco Lynx – included systems: Ademco Lynx

My Alarm Won’t Turn Off!

This is a common call that is often easily solved. Here are a few steps to help determine what the problem is before you call:

Verify the Source
What exactly is beeping? It might be one of the following:
  • Alarm keypad
  • Furnace thermostat
  • Smoke detector
  • Cordless phone
  • Other household appliance

Assess the Device
  • Does your alarm keypad have any out-of-the-ordinary lights on? If the orange triangle on your DSC keypad is on, go to the Trouble Codes section to determine what it means.
  • If your smoke detector beeps on 30 second or 2 minute intervals, it probably has a low battery. Simply twist the detector off the ceiling to replace it. If the detector was installed more than 3 years ago, you may consider replacing it as they do wear out over time.